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Padre Pio's Relics

These are some relics that have been authenticated and are true treasures of the infamous Padre Pio.  






Padre Pio's Glove very rare only 4 sets known to exists

This is a very rare relic a complete hand bandage wrap. This was past down from his church to a museum now it is privately owned. This is the only Padre Pio item ever to be DNA tested. The museum demanded it before displaying it.



Bandage of  Padre Pio’s hands stigmata

These are relics that were made in the 80's and are very rare and authorized  by the Vatican. These were given as a set: Hair, Glove and Bandage. First relics ever given as a set. Later on they were given individually


This is a tooth from Padre Pio they said he had 4 pulled in his life time extremely rare this tooth was said to be tested for energy in the 80s and the meter they used showed high levels of it once pointed at this tooth.

Small piece of a bandage of Padre Pio’s hands stigmata, Issued by his church


Padre Pio's hair was saved every time his hair or beard was cut and these relics were made from them

Padre Pio bandage cloth ( Panno) that was used on his side wound in the 50s






Rare Relic of Padre Pio

Padre Pio's Glove very rare only 4 sets known to exists



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